Using musical instruments most effectively with our early learners.


In this Masterclass you'll learn:

  • how educators and families can use musical instruments INTENTIONALLY with their children aged 0-8 years.
  • "The Fundamentals" - a consistent set of musical activities that you can use with all instruments;
  • "The Power of Class Sets" (and how this need not be expensive!).

For just $27 AUD,  you will receive:


You will be emailed a personalised certificate upon completing the masterclass.


A 13-page PDF to keep track of your learning and save or print for future reference.

Extended Access

Access the masterclass for two months.


  • Songs / musical activities to share with your children;
  • Video demonstrations, written explanations, a lesson plan,  downloadable resources;
  • Available immediately!

Hi, I'm Anne ...

I am all about inspiring families and educators to bring the joy of music and all of it's developmental benefits back to the early years!

Why? Because making music makes us happy! And happy children thrive – they are more willing to engage in learning and develop meaningful relationships.

Children experience joy and unconscious learning through music – when they feel the beat, when they sing, play musical instruments, dance and move their bodies, and when they actively listen to a range of different musical styles.

But many parents and educators lack confidence in their own ability to make music with their children.

That is where we can help here at "Branch Into Music"!

We have so many free and low-cost trainings, videos and resources ...

Come along and join us on "the inside"!

Are you keen to check out the Masterclass?