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Gain the confidence and repertoire you need to make more meaningful music with your little people!

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Just imagine ...

Feeling confident and excited about making meaningful music with your early learners;

 Knowing the exact musical ingredients your children need to optimise their development;

 Having heaps of fresh ideas and resources, sample lessons plans, and knowing how each musical activity relates to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF);

This is all possible when you join:

“The Five Branches Framework for Music in the Early Years”. 

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Flexible Learning

All lessons are pre-recorded and able to be consumed in your own time.

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Mobile APP available for learning "on the go".

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5 Core Training Modules

Learn exactly WHAT you need to be able to run an effective early childhood music program. 

Take a deep dive into the five key ingredients - BEAT, SINGING, INSTRUMENTS, MOVEMENT and LISTENING.

Repertoire, resources, sample lessons plans, with links to the EYLF.

"Thank you so much, Anne!  Prior to participating in your course, I didn’t think I would ever have the skills to run a music session for children.
Each week, I am running three half-hour music and movement structured sessions with small groups of 3-5 year-olds. We have seen shy children, EAL children and our early-start children build their confidence up and find their voice. Our children that have emotional and/or behavioural issues thoroughly enjoy participating in the program too, as it is an outlet for them.
Thanks for helping me to find my confidence and build my skills to deliver this beneficial program to compliment our kindergarten program."
(Nicole, Early Childhood Educator)

Meet Anne ...

Anne Belcher is passionate about inspiring educators and families to bring the joy of music back to early childhood. She has taught music to a wide range of ages for nearly twenty years. Anne runs her own business, “Branch into Music”, teaching music and movement to babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, families and educators in the Ballarat region. She has run music programs in schools, kindergartens and childcare centres and regularly presents workshops for educators on behalf of the Early Learning Association of Australia (ELAA), Early Childhood Australia (ECA), for early childhood services for various local councils.

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“Thank you for the amazing resources and PD learning service you have provided. It is very well-structured, comprehensive and full of rich resources and ideas that help build a stronger foundation for my music teaching repertoires and practices. I am more confident after this course now to explore how I could better plan and incorporate music in a more meaningful way in my program. I love that I have a year's access to the resources because I can always revisit the materials as I implement, evaluate and reflect on my planned experiences.”
(Lea, Early Childhood Educator)

Course Outline


  • Welcome – Aim & Outline
  • Why Music?
  • Music & Me
Module 1: Beat
  • What is the beat?
  • Keeping the beat in the earliest years
  • “The Hello Song”
  • “Beat, Beat, Beat, Beat”
  • “Rainbow Ring” Activities
  • Using Simple Songs & Rhymes
Module 2: Singing
  • Oh no! Not Singing!!!
  • Group Singing
  • Group Singing Ideas
  • Solo Singing
  • Solo Singing Ideas
  • Singing Transitions
  • Sung Stories


Module 3: Instruments
  • Using Musical Instruments in the Early Years
  • Instrument Activity – Teacher Demo Video
  • The Power of Class Sets
  • The Fundamentals
  • Extra Instrument Ideas
Module 4: Movement
  • Moving & Dancing – Why it Matters
  • Moving with Teddy Bears
  • Moving with Scarves / Ribbons
  • More Movement Ideas (with recorded music)
  • More Movement Ideas (without recorded music)
Module 5: Listening
  • Active Listening in a Passive World
  • Listening Activity – Teacher Demo Video
  • Active Listening Resources
  • Active Listening Ideas
“The Grand Finale” Module
  • Bravo! Bravo!
  • Lesson Plan Ideas
  • The Acronyms
  • Encore

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