Branch Into Music

for Educators

Do you ...

Work as an educator in a kindergarten, preschool, childcare, family day-care or play group setting?

Look at other educators who make music easily and confidently with their children and wish you could be more like them?

Want to bring more music and movement into your program but feel stuck for ideas and not sure where to start?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, and you’re ready to reignite your musical mojo with some new ideas and repertoire, then you are in the right place!

Just imagine ...

 Feeling confident and excited about making meaningful music with your early learners;

 Knowing the exact musical ingredients your children need to optimise their development;

 Having heaps of fresh ideas and resources, sample lessons plans, and knowing how each musical activity relates to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).


This is all possible here at




"Using Nursery Rhymes with our Early Learners"



Branch Into Music's YouTube Channel




"How to use musical instruments most effectively with your children"

  • Learn how to use musical instruments INTENTIONALLY with your early learners.
  • Learn "The Fundamentals" and "The Power of Class Sets" (and how these need not be expensive!);
  • Includes a downloadable CERTIFICATE and RESOURCE LIST.
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"Making Meaningful Music with our Early Learners"

  • One-hour of action-packed content, complete with PERSONALISED CERTIFICATE and downloadable WORKBOOK.
  • Learn the five essential musical ingredients for your early years program;
  • Walk away with simple songs and musical activities you can incorporate straight away!
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What people are saying ...

Janice - Early Childhood Service Director

Anne Belcher delivered a fun and informative music training session to our whole service. Educators and children participated in movement and music, discovering new songs and using resources in innovative ways. The educators came away from this training with a renewed enthusiasm and confidence to implement their own music and movement program. Anne has an enormous wealth of knowledge which is evident in her presentation. Anne is very approachable and offers ideas and strategies for educators to use with the children. Anne inspires others to explore and enjoy music and movement.

Susan - Early Childhood Educator

Anne is an outstanding presenter. The workshop was fun and interactive, covering a variety of aspects of music including singing, keeping the beat, movement and using props and musical instruments. I walked away with lots of practical ideas that I could use in my service immediately to enhance my music program. It was a pleasure to be a part of Anne’s workshop and I highly recommend it to everyone working with young children

Jodie - Early Childhood Service Director

I highly recommend the “Five Branches Framework” course to anyone who wants to implement more music and movement into their daily programs working with young children, or to reconnect with their musical brain. Anne’s course is inspiring, easy to follow and full of wonderful resources and ideas. Very practical lesson plans that you can try out the next day with the children. I’d forgotten how important Music is for children’s learning and developing their active listening skills, and it’s so much fun to dance again!