A place where families and educators are supported to make meaningful music with their early learners.


Branch Into Music for Educators

A place where early childhood educators gain the repertoire, resources and the boost in confidence they need to bring more music into their programs, enabling them to connect with their children, promote healthy brain development and encourage emotional intelligence. 

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Branch Into Music for Families

A supportive environment for parents and care-givers to engage in musical activities with their children that strengthen bonds, promote healthy brain development and encourage emotional intelligence.

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Hi, I'm Anne ...

I am all about inspiring families and educators to bring the joy of music and all of it's developmental benefits back to the early years!

Why? Because making music makes us happy! And happy children thrive – they are more willing to engage in learning and develop meaningful relationships.

Children experience joy and unconscious learning through music – when they feel the beat, when they sing, play musical instruments, dance and move their bodies, and when they actively listen to a range of different musical styles.

But many parents and educators lack confidence in their own ability to make music with their children.

That is where we can help here at "Branch Into Music"!

You can learn more about Anne here:

About Anne

Presenter - 2022 & 2023 Community Early Learning Australia (CELA) Professional Development Workshops

Presenter - 2021 Early Childhood Australia (ECA) National Conference, Young citizens: The right to play, learn and be heard. 

Presenter - 2021 Early Learning Association of Australia (ELAA), Learning Brought to Life: Early Learning Professional Development Program.